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Whilst the rest of us are dealing with 'the beast from the east', the fabulous Danni Dunn has started her season already! I was curious to see what she was up to, so decided to follow her on her travels, albeit via the internet and not literally, to report back on her...

We invited Andy to be part of our Kickstarter competition having experienced his training first hand. With horse fitness a priority for most competitors, many riders forget to take their own fitness into consideration. The tide is turning though with professionals and...

It was an easy decision to ask Karen to be a part of our Kickstarter competition, having worked with her myself just last year. Karen made a huge difference to my mindset when I came across a bit of a confidence crisis when competing. I never considered my own mental a...

National ‘give your horse’ a hug day!

I hug my horses all the time.

Selfishly because it makes me feel good, but also its my way of showing kindness and affection to them.

But it got me thinking…..Are we kind enough to our horses?

I don’t mean; do they have enough hay, sho...

As the temperatures continue to plummet and the weather throws it's worst at us, choose the right gear to keep you comfortable in the saddle.

A good rule of thumb when staying warm is to stay dry. As you sweat and moisture evaporates it will leave you feeling the chil...

We had such an amazing 4 days shooting our brand photography in October, we really wanted to share some ‘behind the scenes’.

Zoe and I have always had a very clear vision for our brand. We understand the equestrian obsessed with their sport, their horses and their passi...

Who is Melanie Hunter Yell?

Well thats me! But I thought you might like to learn a bit more about me. Why I live this lifestyle and what's driven my passion for our horses and our sport. 

So what’s your discipline and why?

I event, or let’s say I try to event. I enjo...

Watch the post match interview of any big sporting occasion and you’ll hear the same story:

It was a team effort, everyone gave 100%, we helped each-other every step of the way.

This isn’t just limited to players on the pitch either, everyone from the manager to the ki...

As part of our #TEAMHUFF launch I spent 5 mins with Abi to find out more about her life, her lifestyle and her passions:

Tell us about the horses that got you where you are today… 

Wow! So many! I think back to some of my horses and I think, ‘what did they put up with?!’...

As part of our #TEAMHUFF launch I spent 5 mins with Sam to find out more about his life, his lifestyle and his passions:

Tell us about the horses that got you where you are today?

We have to start with the big man, Teldon. Mr. T to his friends! We have gone from Pony Clu...

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