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I know a lot of ‘equestrian folk’ and we’re different. Different from normal folk. If you don’t ride, you don’t love horses, you don’t get the way we live and you certainly don’t get why we love the way we live.

If I’m honest, I’m not sure I can explain it either. It was just the way I was brought up.

Every morning I get up, feed 4 horses, 2 dogs, a cat and our newly acquired pigeon who seems to have moved into your yard. I muck out, turn out, walk dogs and ride…..and not a coffee or a slice of toast has passed my lips!

This to me is totally normal. And just the way it should be. Animals can’t feed, clean or exercise themselves, right?

I don’t even think about it.

It never crosses my mind that I would like a lie in, or maybe breakfast before I ride. I just ‘do’. I’m ruled by a passion that I clearly have no control over.

As an amateur Eventer, there are many a bad day in this sport, when things just don’t go right. After all the preparation and training - I wasn’t on form, the horse wasn’t on form, we knocked a few poles, picked up some time faults or Miss Florence is too exuberant in the dressage. We get back to the lorry and have a little tantrum, which consists of, ‘Why do I do this? Maybe I should give up? Maybe I should try another discipline?’. But by the time we’ve hit the motorway, I’ve already planned what event is next and what I’m going to do the next day to improve this situation….need to do more grids, need more cross country schooling, need to practise with that stop clock on the gallops and record my KM per minute.

I’ve chosen a career, a house, a 150 mile move and a husband to accommodate and fit in with this lifestyle.

From the moment, I get dressed in the morning, to the moment I go to bed, my life revolves around the horses and my sport, meaning I spend most of my time in breeches and leisurewear. But I squeeze a lot into my days. I work and run two business, so I have meetings to pop to, errands, nip into town and the supermarket and to be honest I don’t want to look horsey in the supermarket….

Which is why we launched Huff Equestrian.

We love our lifestyle, our horses and our sport, but we want to look good and feel good too. Not too much to ask right?

Stay tuned for more exciting products to following in coming weeks….

Mel x

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