November 6, 2017

Huff was born out of passion for horses and our sport. One that leads to a lifestyle rather than a hobby. This lifestyle, comes with ups and downs. Quitting is never an option and somehow we continue to plough on regardless of what is thrown at us. Through rain and shine, injury and recovery, winning and losing – it all makes the sport what it is and us equestrians, who we are.


To ride this rollercoaster, either as an amateur or a professional, you have to be a certain type of person. The type that allows this force to drive them onwards and upwards, everyday towards their goals despite the setbacks.


And love every single minute of it!


So what better way to represent this passion? Through some of the most passionate people in our sport. True Ambassadors.


#TEAMHUFF, all live the lifestyle behind the support. They understand it’s not all about the glory, the glamour and the winning. But it’s about a lifestyle. Led by their passion, driving them to work hard and reach their goals. We are thrilled to have four professional riders who share our passion and love of the Huff brand, to help tell our story.


Meet #TEAMHUFF. Our sponsored riders.




Danni is a 24 year old British event rider based in Wiltshire. Danielle has a superb string of horses and rode at her first Badminton Horse Trials in 2017 on her top horse Zocarla BLH. Having ridden from a child and born into a family with eventing history (Danni’s mum Jacquie, also a professional event rider, rode at Badminton in 1984 and Burghley), there is no one more attuned with this lifestyle. Team Dunn, are a tight knit family duo who run their successful yard, come rain or shine and have the sunniest outlook on life in the saddle, no matter what it throws at them.


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