Who is Melanie Hunter Yell?

Well thats me! But I thought you might like to learn a bit more about me. Why I live this lifestyle and what's driven my passion for our horses and our sport.

So what’s your discipline and why?

I event, or let’s say I try to event. I enjoy the dressage training and development, but don't love riding a test. I love love love cross's where I feel at home and the most relaxed. I don't get nervous....until show jumping. I don't know why, I just don't love the show jumping. I have a super talented mare that is probably completely wasted with me, but I love her so much and she really is a dream to ride. She’s currently at BE100 and I have ambitions of taking her to a 1*. I’d love to team chase at some point in the future. But I’m off games right now as I’m 8 months pregnant!

Tell us about the horses that have driven your passion for the sport?

I’ve had some great ponies and horses and came from a horsey family, so this lifestyle is engrained in me. We have very much a ‘get on with it’ attitude in our family.

My first pony was a little brown roan called Bonzo. My parents 'cleverly' bought me a 5 year old, when I was only about 4! So I spent a lot of time on the lunge rein!! He wasn’t a bad pony as such, just a 5 year old with opinions! But he turned good in the end and was quite a little school master. I pony clubbed him and competed in Working hunter pony until I was about 11. We won everything and gave us so much pleasure. It was a very sad day for the whole family when we had to sell him, but he had to go and make another family happy, so we sold him to a family in the Percy Hunt and he spent his remaining days hooning around the countryside teaching kids to stay on!

My next main man was Danny O’Malley. An Irish bred horse I evented. We’d been looking for a long time for my next horse and I think we were just bored looking as when we went to view him, he hadn’t been ridden in a year, had no tail as a cow had chewed it off, he wouldn’t jump a thing and I couldn’t hold on to him! Dad said, ‘give him 8-9 months if you still can’t hold on to him, we’ll sell him’. Selling horses has never been our strength. So, after 9 months I just started to lie. And told dad all was fine I could hold on to him, despite being in pain every time I rode as he just pulled me around like a rag doll. Then one day he just stopped! Stopped pulling, got his act together, jumped and became a dream horse. A little pocket rocket machine!

Then there is Princess Florence. My current quirky, chestnut, Dutch Warmblood mare. Again, on paper one would ask why I bought her. I had been out of the game for almost 13 years apart from hacking, but decided I wanted to get back into the sport seriously and went horse shopping. She was a 5 year old, just broken and turned away. I just knew when I saw her, she was the one. I’ve produced her myself and I know what mistakes I’ve made along the way. But she is a talented and gorgeous mare. I truly believe that if I put her with a professional she would go far. But I couldn’t bear for someone else to take the ride. She’s taught me so much and we do have a special bond.