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The science behind winter riding gear

As the temperatures continue to plummet and the weather throws it's worst at us, choose the right gear to keep you comfortable in the saddle.

A good rule of thumb when staying warm is to stay dry. As you sweat and moisture evaporates it will leave you feeling the chill.

Choose moisture-wicking fabrics and layer your clothing. We've all been there - you arrive at the yard feeling freezing cold, then you get mucking out and start to overheat. Make sure you have layers that are easy to take off and put back on again.

Base layers are lightweight clothes, that directly touch the skin. These items should be designed to wick moisture away from the body. Wool and polyester are two materials to look for in your base layers. Both fabrics are excellent for resisting moisture.

Graphite base layer

Our base layers are made from 44% polyester for this exact reason. Nylon and spandex then add that extra stretch to allow range of movement around the yard and in the saddle. Be sure your base layers fit snugly against your body to trap heat right where you want it.

Cotton is great for exercising in the summertime, but avoid it in the winter. Cotton is highly absorbent and does not dry quickly, which is a no-no for optimal warmth, especially for a base layer.

We've used merino wool in our headbands as it is ultra comfortable against your skin (unlike other natural wools which can be itchy) and moisture-wicking if you sweat.

Mid layers are your insulation. Add a zip top to keep you extra cosy.

We often get asked 'what's the Huff difference?' 'Why should I choose Huff over any other?'

We're riders ourselves. When we created Huff we made a decision to choose top quality fabrics over their cheaper alternatives. Fabrics that breath, fabrics that move with you, fabrics that manage your temperature.

That's the Huff difference.

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