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Meet Karen Croft, Mental Performance Coach from Outward Success

It was an easy decision to ask Karen to be a part of our Kickstarter competition, having worked with her myself just last year. Karen made a huge difference to my mindset when I came across a bit of a confidence crisis when competing. I never considered my own mental agility as a factor in dressage, but having spent just four sessions with her, she completely changed my ability to concentrate in the arena and work with any negative thoughts I was having. I now consider her to be a vital part of my training.

Karen is an experienced mental performance coach operating through her own company, Outward Success. Using Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and hypnosis Karen helps clients overcome mental and emotional barriers to achieve ultimate success in sport, business, and life.

As a NLP Master Sports Practitioner and General Practitioner, Karen is a highly regarded and qualified NLP practitioner and coach. This qualification is further complimented by credentials in a range of areas from renowned bodies such as Chartered Management Institute, Sport England, UKCC, England Netball, and the British Horse Society.

She draws on a wealth of experience when coaching her wide range of clients, from show-jumpers to entrepreneurs, stage performers to elite level coaches and execs, on their route to personal success. A seasoned competitor, coach, and official in the equestrian field and netball Karen knows the importance of mental preparation for athletes at all levels. An established businesswoman in her own right, Karen has led the development of several businesses from inception to recognised successful outcomes. This has culminated in the launch of her own business, Outward Success, a highly regarded mental performance coaching company.

Having witnessed and felt the power of NLP in her own personal transformation, Karen is empowered to help others achieve their own personal success.

We are absolutely delighted to have Karen as part of our Kick-starter competition as mental performance is such a crucial element of our ability to be the very best we can be in the arena. Our lucky winner will get the chance to work with Karen on their mental performance, addressing any issues they might face when out competing.

To find out more, take a visit to Karen's website: and give her a 'Like' on Facebook . We especially love her motivational quotes!

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