Meet Andy McGhee, Founder and Strength & Conditioning Coach at Pinnacle Performance

We invited Andy to be part of our Kickstarter competition having experienced his training first hand. With horse fitness a priority for most competitors, many riders forget to take their own fitness into consideration. The tide is turning though with professionals and amateurs realising the benefits of being at their physical best before taking to the saddle.

I met Andy three years ago, briefing him to help me improve my core stability and strength. Working with Andy and the team at Pinnacle did more than just address my strength and fitness - he made positive, realistic suggestions about the way I ate and the stretches I did to improve my own flexibility, suppleness and reduce the chronic back pain I had as a result of years of mucking out and hunching over a desk!

Andy spent 14 years in the British Army, working and training around the world.

He now has a very successful gym in Hamble, Hampshire where himself and his team conduct over 400 personal training sessions per week. Andy competes and coaches across a broad variety of sports! He thrives on helping a vast range of age groups and ability levels and specialises in training some of the worlds best professional sailors, based here on the South Coast.

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