Danni's warm up weekend in Barroca!

We caught up with Danni on Sunday evening to find out how her weekend competing in Barroca, Portugal went...

So Danni, how was you weekend competing at Barroca? A great dressage score of 34.5?

My team and I have had a great first few here at Barroca. As you know this was the warm up week so the aim was a consistent, steady performance. And also the time to get everything in place for this week, from bits to the best amount of time to warm up etc. I was particularly pleased with his dressage score, 34.3 - a PB! He can be quite opinionated in the dressage phase, and will make it quite clear he would prefer to be jumping! But we produced a very calm consistent test and he was rewarded for that. A great feeling after a winters work of dressage, major steps in the right direction. Binks then had a pop round the xc (his favourite bit!) I had some time faults because I will need him listening to me and in control for the following week and blasting him around a 2* wasn’t going to help me with a bigger course the next week. Sunday we jumped a beautiful round , just an unfortunate 4 faults. But these things happen! We will just have to get the double clear this week!

I know this was supposed to be the sunshine tour.....but you seemed to take some rain with you on Saturday? How did Binks cope with the conditions?

This sunshine tour has been a rather rainy one that’s for sure!! Saturday, which was xc day, in particular. Luckily Binks is very good at his xc jumping, he’s so quick and clever with his footwork the wet conditions didn’t phase him at all. I had been a bit concerned about the ground being slippy but that wasn’t the case, and he felt very confident on the lovely sandy ground here at Barroca.

A successful weekend Danni! How you feeling after your first run and what will you take with you to next weeks competition?

I am pleased with the weekend, I achieved my goal for the week - it was all about building up for this week in the CCI3*. It was so great to be out eventing again! It’s always amazing to be back getting the eventing buzz after a long winter! Going into this second week my aim is to achieve a 3* qualifying result. This means getting under a certain dressage score, a clear xc and no more than 4 fences down SJ. In the dressage I’m hoping to maintain his calm mental approach, along with making the 3* movements as correct as possible. With the jumping phases, as I always like to aim high, I’ll be going for double clear. However you can’t get too upset about a pole - eventing would be a very soul destroying sport for you otherwise!! One thing you can count on is that Binks and I will certainly do our best! We have that 4* in our sights. How will you and Binks prepare for next weekend?

This week our event will start on Thursday with the trot up. Binks will have a quiet day on Monday as he would normally after a competition. We'll take a nice leg stretch and a good graze. Tuesday is another relatively easy day for Binks training wise to make sure he’s fully recovered from his run last week. I will take him out for a hack, and follow that up with some very relaxed long long work on the flat. Wednesday and Thursday will be all about getting him tuned up for his test on Friday so I will be working on the movements to make the test as polished as I possibly can. Really looking forward to week number 2. Just praying for some of this sunshine on this sunshine tour!

Well Done Danni! Looking forward to hearing all about the big one next weekend!


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