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The Genuine Huff Ambassador - Rachel Dorrell

When Huff was launched, it really was our intent to design leisurewear for equestrians that would look as great off the horse as they do on the horse.

We wanted people to genuinely love our brand. And a brand is more than a logo. It's about our ethos and our beliefs.

We genuinely believe that equestrians are some of the best athletes in the world. The most hardworking an most resilient, no matter what level you're at.

So let me introduce you to Rachel Dorrell - our genuine brand ambassador!

I've only met Rachel twice in person. Once at a Paul Tapner clinic 6 years ago and secondly when she made a special effort to come to see us at The Royal Windsor Horse Show.

But from day one Rachel has been a genuine fan of our collection and supporter of the brand.

Rachel is an amateur rider from Surrey and represents everything about our brand. She's hardworking, passionate, resilient and simply LOVES this sport.

She's a busy lady juggling work, family and horses, but wants to look great all of the time. On and off horse. If she's not out completing and training with her two ex racehorses, she's at the races or enjoying watching others compete at events around the country - so needs to look great!

Rachel didn't come from a horsey background but has gone from learning to riding at the local riding school to owning her own horses, including two ex racers Dave and Prince. Rachel has seen great success with her main man Buckaroo Bob and has competed at the RoR National Championships and British National Show Jumping Club Championships for the last 3 years.

As part of #teamhuff, I'm sure you will see much more of Rachel, Bob, Dave and Prince!

We love keeping up with Rachels stories and antics and you can follow her too on Instagram or Facebook @allthegearsomeidea

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