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"Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak"

We're so excited to introduce the SS19 Collection, which we've been working really hard on for the last few months.

Huff was born out of the frustration that everything in the equestrian market was just so old fashioned and be honest, just too 'horsey'! As much as we love our sport and our horses, we're individuals with our own style and we want to encourage horsey girls express themselves in the same way.

As equestrians we have very busy lives and don't have time to be getting changed 4 times a day, but that doesn't mean we don't want to feel empowered and individually stylish.

Our goal is to make you feel amazingly stylish all of the time, whether you are on or off the horse!

This collection adds in some amazingly versatile pieces, in super soft fabrics which are designed to mix and match with your Equi-leggings and breeches, or jeans and cut off's.

Camouflague is a trend that first hit the catwalk AW18 and seen in the shows from Victoria Beckham to Zadig Voltaire and it's continued into SS19, so we've added some subtle prints accompanied by our new hoof link design in our iconic copper prints.

They are all made of the highest quality rung spun cotton making them really durable and designed to be worn time and time again. All of our Sweaters, Tee's and Vests are made in 'No Sweatshop' factories meaning you'll not only look great, but feel great too!

We hope you love the collection as much as we do. We have a few more surprises coming up too, so keep your eyes peeled.


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