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Many fashion brands have gotten a bad rap for ethical and environmental reasons and this is not exclusive to high street fashion. The sports and equestrian world are guilty too.

At Huff Equestrian, we have made it our mission to create high quality athleisure (or Equi-leisure wear) that defies stereotypes and shows the world there’s a way to do it right. We’re proud to say we endeavour to work with manufacturers that produce in a no-sweatshop and eco-friendly way.

We don’t claim to be 100% sustainable or environmentally friendly right now. But its something, as a brand, we are aiming towards.

As a starting point we choose our suppliers carefully. Where we can we use ‘No Sweatshop’ manufacturers who use only the best high quality fabric. Our Tee’s and Sweaters are made from the highest quality rung spun cotton making them unbelievably soft, and made to wear time and time again. Manufacturers that use cheap carded-open end cotton are contributing to the garment industry’s huge pollution problem, because no one wants to wear those tees and they end up in landfills.

Fast fashion brands can cut corners on manufacturing, as this has a huge impact on our environment with over 20% of global waste water being produced by the fashion industry. Most of our suppliers have eco-conscious manufacturing facilities made every effort to minimise carbon footprint. Things like zero-waste programs and solar energy efforts keep us green. The dye house only uses non-harmful chemicals and uses seven times less water than the industry average.

Some fast fashion brands create products in sweatshops, which are unsafe, unlawful, and absolutely unethical. 70% of our products are produced in no-sweatshop factories and we are working with our other suppliers to help them achieve their accreditation.

Although we don’t approve of fast fashion, as a brand we do believe that as stylish individuals we don’t want to look the same as everyone else. Which is why we aim to design and create lots of limited editions our designs fresh so you are not wearing the same as everyone else!

We love that we are able to bring our customers unique and high quality athleisurewear that they want to wear time and time again, whilst making our small contribution to doing what’s best for the earth.

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