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Introducing Huff & Co

To celebrate unique style and individualism we are delighted to launch Huff & Co.

We just love new projects, working with new people, collaborating and experimenting with new styles and designs to make sure that everyone can be stylishly different whether they are on or off the horse.

Huff & Co is a place where we create, design, test, share ideas, collaborate and follow our fashion passions. Think of it as our creative think tank!

Huff Equestrian is all about designing Equi-leisure wear that’s not only technical and practical for the tough sport we love, but also to make you feel good and look stylish, at all times. But why should it stop there? If we really desire to be uniquely stylish, then creativity has to be at the heart of our brand. Who knows where it will take us.

Huff & Co is launching with a range of hand painted, jackets, apparel and accessories all based around the current huge fashion trend of the Camo print.

"Since living in London over 20 years ago, I've always had a fascination with style and making sure I looked unique at all times! I would spend every weekend in markets sifting through vintage stores looking for unique pieces I could tailor an outfit from. The first jacket I hand painted was a vintage suede in my early twenties.

A few months back I hand painted a vintage camouflage jacket and it was papped on a photoshoot and hit the grid. Friends, family and Insta followers all raved about it and asked where they could get one from.

So I painted a couple more, and some caps and HUFF & CO was born".

Melanie Hunter Yell

All jackets are made to order and can be uniquely designed with various finishes. So please do DM me if you are interested |

We have lot of exciting things coming, including some exciting collaborations, but for the moment check out our hand paint range of Camo Caps, available now!

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