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Meet Rachel Lines | Fitness and Wellbeing Coach, and Huff Brand Ambassador

Describe yourself in 3 words:




Tell us a bit about yourself

I’m a 36 year old mum-of-2 little girls GG (5) and Emmie (2) . After studying music at University I decided to have a change of path and went into Marketing. I worked for Lloyds Bank and O2 for 10 years before being diagnosed with cancer in 2014. After surgery and treatment I decided it was time to follow my dreams and to retrain as a Personal Trainer. I now live my dream helping clients get fitter and stronger running 1:1 sessions and group sessions. I’ve always been a keen horse rider and self confessed country bumpkin - spending much of my childhood on a pony exploring the South Downs or competing for local Pony Club events. Very sadly having 2 children means I don't have time for horses at the moment but manage to get my fix still though my many horsey clients that I help build balance, strength and suppleness needed for riding.

Why is fitness so important to you?

For me fitness is life! It’s not just about how you look - it’s about having the strength and flexibility needed to live life to the full and feel good. Having been so ill I truly believe that we need to look after our bodies by eating as well as we can and listening to what they are telling us. We exercise, we need nutritious food and we need to identify stresses in our life and limit these where we can. When I’m working with a client I always encourage them to think into the future and to do all they can now to help them keep strong for life!

Why is fitness so important in Equestrians?

We spend so much time focusing on getting our horses fit, but we don't prioritise our own fitness. It's a hugely physical sport and your fitness will reflect on your performance just as much as your horses fitness. It's also important to make sure you generally look after your body. any strength or weakness will have a reflection on your horses way of going. It's amazing how much correlation there is between horse and rider and stronger and weaker sides. There are so many things you do in your daily chores that keep you fit, such as mucking out, stomping the muck heap, moving jump poles etc. So you don't need to double your time and head to the gym, but identifying areas that you need to strengthen up on or squeezing in some extra squats whilst you're moving jumps around will all help strengthen and increase your fitness.

Favourite ‘on horse’ exercise

“Legs away” - a true test of balance!

Favourite ‘off horse’ exercise

Anything at the Barre! Amazing for balance, posture and flexibility

Tell me something I don’t know about you?

I’m a trained Opera Singer and sang at Disneyland Paris

If you have to choose…..a gallop across the downs or a run across the downs?

OHH - tough one. I can’t choose. BOTH!!

The quote that keeps you going when the chips are down

The mind gives up before the body - you CAN do this.

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